Pick a Furry Cushion With a Crazy Quote for Your Dear Friend

10 Sep

A cushion is not just a utility item these days rather it is more appreciatively considered as lovable gift item. For example, wishing to impress your girlfriend, get her a customised photo cushion, want to propitiate you crying brother’s mind?  Gift him a fury custom cushion. And so on. That’s why; nearly all types of customised cushion shops are including cushions as their popular product list. So, instead of wasting more time on prattling cushions let’s discuss their varieties and where these can be found.

What a personalised cushion is…

You may decipher a very brief sense of the meaning from the phrases. A custom cushion means, a cushion that can be made as by any customer’s choice. For example, a person may want to gift a pair of cushions for his parents with a couple photos. Or a brother may want to gift her sister a photo printed cushion etc. so, everything can be done while making a custom personalised cushion. Only thing, the person should pay attention is choosing a cushion, its colour and finally uploading the image or quote he /she wants to put up. These all criterions are easily available in any type of online and offline custom shops. For example, Printland.in, vistaprint etc.

What are the probable events for a gifting a custom cushion?...

Well, there is no specific event for gifting a custom cushion. You can gift any time you want. Yet then few popular days to ideally gifting a cushion are

On birthday…

There is no question about. Because, a birthday is such a day where everyone feels of being a heavenly figure or like king or queen. So, to up thrash the mood you can always pick this one with a cracking quote, like, yes bro come on…let’s smash the dance floor.

On marriage anniversary…

This is also adorable. A red heart shaped photo printed cushions is literally an amazing gift idea for newly married couples. It could also be presented to young love birds.

On valentine’s day

Most popular gift hacks for the day, till I have seen. For, a red cushion with a boke of red flowers and a bottle of Engage Bohemia is just absolutely perfect for the day to embrace, I believe it. Hence, keep this idea ready for next year.

Apart from these three you can use own brain. For example, suppose your friend is throwing a barbeque party for the first time. So decorate his/ her balcony with  lights, designed chairs and a few of quote printed cushions on the day of event.

What about shape and pricing?

Hold on, I am explaining. A cushion is better with two main shapes, square and heart. There may be others but I personally prefer these two kinds. And on an average a custom cushion costs rs. 329/-. As far I have seen in Printland. It may vary a little to others. Do check personally.

So, I hope this tiny blog helps you in context of crazy yet funny gift hack. So, pick one in spare time and enjoy gifting.personalised cushion

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